Travelman does not support letting down tyres of antisocial vehicles, but a notice under the wipers may be useful

Here is a leaflet made by Julia Waterlow.

Download a single copy by right clicking on the image and copying it.

Once it was pretty clear which domestic vehicles were the gas guzzlers- Any slab fronted four wheel drive vehicle  (SUV) was a good candidate for an angry leaflet under the windscreen wiper.  But things are changing.

Any large slab fronted vehicle is going to consume more fuel than it needs to (and give any people that it hits a hard time too), but there are other offenders too.

Here are the petrol and diesel domestic vehicles with the lowest miles per gallon according to “What Car” magazine:

Land Rover Defender SUV 19-31 mpg

Land Rover Range Rover SUV 19-37     mpg

Porche sports car (all models) 21-30 mpg

Audi R8 sports car 20-22 mpg

Audi, any model labelled Quattro- Hatchback, estate and SUV   21-33

Mercedes GLA/GLB/GLC/GLS/ SUVs  21-46 mpg

BMW X7 SUV 22-36 mpg

Jaguar E and F pace SUVs  23-45 mpg

Lexus LC sports car and saloons  24-35 mpg

Land Rover discovery SUV 25-34 mpg

Volkswagen Tourarag SUV 25-35 mpg

Jaguar F type sports car 26-29 mpg

Genesis GV80 SUV  26-33 mpg

Toyota Land Cruiser SUV 29-31 mpg

Jaguar XF estate car 29-50 mpg

Volkswager Tiguan SUV 29-49 mpg

Volkwagen XC90 SUV  32-40 mpg

Seat Tarraco SUV 32-52 mpg

Mercedes S Class Saloon 33- 43 mpg

Honda Civic hatchback 33-? Mpg

Range of MPG reflects different models in the range.

Cars costing over £100,000 are omitted.

These are official figures- Actual figures may be less.

There are other factors to take into account, such as the increased pollution from diesel engines, which will not be reflected in these figures.  Older vehicles are not included.

article date  22/6/22