There are allegedly more cycles in Sussex than there are cars, but a lot of them are rotting away in the backs of garages or in sheds.  Now is the time to dig them out and get them going. Our very own Dr Bike might be your first port of call. They are a group of cycle enthusiasts who believe in encouraging everyone to use their bikes. They voluntarily come along to Lewes to fix bikes. For dates  and venue see here .  For more major work you can take your bike down to  Cycle Shack, in the old Woolworths Building and also in Friars Walk

There are lots of places to cycle round Lewes and you do not have to terrorise yourself on busy roads if you know the back ways.  There are cycle paths towards Glynde, Kingston and the University and lots of quiet ways you can discover.  You can even cycle 25 miles to Bexhill almost all on the level. .  If you live in Newhaven or Seaford then Cycle Seahaven is for you.  A women’s cycle group in Lewes is Birds on Bikes

Cycle Lewes provides information and campaigning on cycling in Lewes.

In this section, in the columns on the left you can find a large number of cycling routes, ranging from local day and half day routes to an epic voyage from London to Paris via Lewes.Maps are courtesy of Open Street Map and are reproduced  under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license

For more rides Jim Grozier has been leading relaxed rides for the Brighton Clarion club for many years, and has also created rides on his own.  You can find all the rides at They are in PDF form. The rest of his blog is worth reading too.

Brighton Clarion is a great club for people who want to do relaxed riding.  Average speed is 8mph and no one ever gets left behind.

This section contains articles on:

For other circular day cycle rides I recommend the books by Nick Cotton. Nick has published a number of guides, mainly published by Cordee or Phillips.  There are guides covering Sussex and a large number of other areas.