As I write this neither Sustrans nor East Sussex County Council have made proposals for how national cycle route 90 should pass through the town. At the moment it ends at the western entrance to the town, and resumes by the A27 to the east.

Here is my route proposal:


1)The bridleway that leads from Hope in the Valley to Winterbourne Lane is already legal for cycling.It just needs some resurfacing and clearance.

2)A widened pavement is already in place on the south side of Bell Lane as part of an earlier plan for the route.

3)Everyone cycles through Bell Lane rec. but the absence of a dedicated cycle lane leads to some danger to pedestrians. There should be a cycle lane parallel to the footpath and the eastern entrance should be widened.This part of the route is particularly important to encourage cycling to Western Road and Southover Schools.

4)Work needs to be done on this nasty junction for both pedestrians and cyclists.The road down to Pinwell Lane is narrow and often crowded with cars travelling to or from the station car park.What is the solution here?

5)Cyclists currently use this footway which might cause problems, however at present it is a better solution than using the footpath towards the railway bridge because there would more of a shared use problem

6)Better signage and some removal of cobbles is vital in the Cliffe area.

7)A viable link with the cycle route past Tesco is needed.8)A solution to the refuse strewn path by Southborough refuse facility is needed.