Newhaven to Seaford, a great beginners ride

This is a great ride if you are starting cycling, or if you want somewhere safe for your children to learn.  It is mostly off road and there is a chance for a swim or an ice cream at the end.

Starts at

TQ449015 Newhaven Railway Station

Ends at

Seaford Railway Station TV481992

Getting there

Railway stations at Seaford, Bishopstone and Newhaven.


Route instructions

A level linear route largely along a cycleway taking in the Ouse Nature reserve and the seaside.  This route is largely by the road, so does not have quite the dramatic scenery of other routes.  But it does give you a glimpse of the Netherlands, with cycle routes beside main roads and wetlands in the Nature reserve.

1)Starting out from Newhaven station leave the platform and go down the slope to the main road.  Turn right here and follow the pavement across various roads, past McDonalds and the retail park on your right (parking possible).  Pass Sainsburys’ on the left and then a second roundabout. Shortly after this the pavement becomes a cycle route about 3 metres wide and enters the Ouse Valley Nature Reserve.

(A) Most of the reserve is grazing for sheep or cattle and some is used to grow crops. An area is used to store floodwater and landscaped mounds are planted with native trees, shrubs and wildflowers to attract wildlife. In spring and summer the air is alive with the song of skylarks. More than a hundred types of bird have been recorded and the managers hope that the nationally threatened lapwing will return to breed on the specially managed areas. The flood storage areas are only intended to fill up during heavy rain but recently have been very dry during the summer. In winter, they are a good place to watch seabirds.

The route winds its way through the reserve.   At the end of the reserve the route runs straight ahead by the road until it reaches the Tidemills car park.

If you wish to head to the beach early, turn right at Tidemills car park and follow the track across the railway to the sea.  Here you can turn right to explore the beach (sand at low tide at the Newhaven end) or left to meet the main route at Bishopstone seafront. This route is partly on concrete but you must also make your way across pebbles, which can be rough underfoot. Not suitable for road bikes or beginners

Otherwise, continue in your current heading to Bishopstone, before turning right down Marine Road towards the sea.  After you go under the railway bridge the route bears to the left.

2) Follow the cycle route until it starts to go up a rise. Don’t go up this, but instead turn right to get on to the seafront.  Turn left and follow the seafront for as long as you want.  Pass a park on your left and then notice Dane Road on your left.

3)The easiest way to get to the station is to turn up Dane Road and follow it to its end.  The station is on the left.

Refreshments:  Various in Newhaven and Seaford.  Sometimes there is a roadside tea bar at Tidemills on the main road.  The saling club at Bishopstone has a cafe but it is not alway open to the public