There is a new cycling path from Lewes and the Egrets Way to the South Downs.

It was built as part of a planning agreement between the landowner and the national park, in return for planning permission to build holiday lodges.

It is does not have the best quality surface, although this is bedding in a bit.  It also has a short very steep gradient near point B which many cyclists will want to walk up.

As it is not signed quite a few people do not know about it, but it is open and usable by walkers and cyclists.  The rights of equestrians are not so clear, but in practice the route sees equestrian use.

From Lewes, cycle along the off road cycle path to Kingston and then, instead of crossing the road, keep straight ahead.

At point B turn right on a surfaced track.  At point C you can either rejoin the C7 road or cross the road to meet a bridleway to the downs at point E.