It’s an attractive and well used route which crosses a number of strands of the river on old bridges. It is used by many people, including cyclists, many of whom divert to enjoy the view and take refreshment rather than heading straight down the main road between Barcombe village and the A26.There is also a route from the old toll house to a byway going off towards the Anchor pub.

A few years ago a member of our group, Mary Parker, applied to have the route added to the rights of way map as a bridleway.  East Sussex Council decided to add the map as a footpath.  So as things stand it would become illegal for cyclists or horse riders to use the route.

To keep challenge this we need to show that people have used it on a bicycle (or a horse) “as of right” without asking permission or having an individual agreement with the landowner for at least the the period between 1997 and 2018. We need people who have used the route during that time to give evidence by filling in the attached form.

We believed that we had enough evidence of use by cyclists, but the council thinks not.  So we need more evidence. Because people move it is harder to get evidence of use at the start of the period, so we are particularly keen to get evidence of use in the 1990s, but all evidence is very welcome.

You can provide evidence by filling in the attached form.  I am co-ordinating evidence from cyclists so please return the form to me, Chris Smith, at 12 Cleve Terrace, BN7 1JJ. Alternatively sign and scan the completed form and return it to me at

There are three sections of the route:

A-B from Pikes Bridge near the car park to the site of the old toll house

B-C from the old toll house to rejoin the main road in the direction of the old railway line

C-D north from the old toll house to join a byway which leads off in the direction of the Anchor (this is not the old railway line)

The form gives you the opportunity to say which routes you used.

Download the form here: Cycling evidence form with covering letter