This path turns left from the main path from Wallands School to the Landport and descends to the Offham Road at a rough lay-by just before the junction between Offham Road and Nevill Road.  There is normally a car parked in this lay-by advertising cars to rent.(note- this is not the main route from Landport to Wallands, with all the steps)

The route goes along a track cut into the side of the hill and is obviously well used- or at least it was until all the work took place in the area to cut down trees because of Ash die-back. Now you have to pick your way over bits of tree.

The Land is owned by Lewes District Council.  They have not cleared the path because it is not an official path.  A request has been made to the council to clear the route, but we need to make the path “official” by getting it on the rights of way map.

To do this we need evidence that it has been used by the public for the past 20 years, from 2000 to now.  So we are asking you to fill in the evidence form, which you can download below,  and return it. It will be copied and passed to the council, who will decide whether or not to add the path to the map.


Please return the form by hand or by post to The Ramblers, 12 Cleve Terrace, BN7 1JJ or the person who gave it to you.  You can scan the form and email it to, but we do need a signature on the form.

Here is a picture of the path at Offham Road.  It is between the car and the bicycle.

Here is a map covering a larger area, showing the route.