MARCH 2021


During February Southern made further reductions to its services.  You can see the current timetables here.

Southern is showing which trains may be busy on its journey planner

Changes  are being made at should notice  so you should check the national rail journey planner.  Any changes are uploaded on Saturdays for the week ahead.


Brighton Buses is now running a reduced timetable. The main change affecting Lewes is that services to Tunbridge Wells are now only once an hour.  The other service that would have travelled through now stops at Uckfield.  Full details here

Compass Travel services will run a schoolday service from March 8th.  There may be some changes to normal services.  Check the lind

The Cuckmere Bus 25 service, which runs to Alfriston and Eastbourne on Saturdays, is suspended.


Just to remind you that you can find Travel Log Walks here.  Many of the walks are designed to follow less popular paths, so you can be away from the Covid honeypot areas.


You can find suggested bike rides here


Developers have applied for planning permission for the development at Old Malling Farm, in Malling east of the old railway.  You can see the brochure here

The application is on the National Park Web site here.  It really is a quite extraordinary application.  There are no plans for even one shop, nor for any social amenities, nor for any environmental innovations in the design of the houses, and it is planned that there should only be 15% of the houses that are affordable, even by the Government’s dubious definition of “affordable” . Local Councillor Adrian Ross has done a detailed critique of the plan here

But what is most appalling is the plans for transport.  This site is not that far from the centre of Lewes but the only vehicular entrance will be at the very north of the development, meaning that it will be difficult to run a bus route into the development and that cars from the development will have to traverse a great length of the roads through Malling.   Some idea of how the developers think people will get around can be seen by the provision of two car parking spaces for every house.

Even the normally conservative agency Highways England says “our informal advice is that you should not approve this application because of the potential harm to the Strategic Road network.”   The car-orientated team of the East Sussex council says “As submitted the details provided are insufficient to be acceptable form a highway perspective”

It would be hard to think of a more antisocial development in the town.  Certainly it is far worse than the plans Santon had for North Street.

You can comment on the application up to the end of March here.


Cycling UK takes on West Sussex CC over Shoreham bike lane removal:


You can sign the Campaign for the Preservation of Rural England’s petition to save rural bus services here