July 20


Many Compass bus services will be back around Lewes from Monday 29th June.  Often a modified Saturday service will be run. Full details here


121 to Chailey, revised Saturday service runs Mon-Sat, not running to Sheffield Park

122 to Barcombe, revised Saturday service runs Mon-Sat, including trips via Plumpton

123 to Newhaven, Saturday service runs Mon-Sat

125 to Alfriston and Eastbourne, 2 buses a day running on Wednesdays only. Cuckmere buses are already running a Saturdays service, but only for up to 5 people.  Timetable on the Compass bus site and the Cuckmere buses site.

127 to Landport, Slightly modified Saturday service runs Monday to Saturday

128/129 to Nevill and Winterbourne, normal Saturday service runs Monday to Saturday.

143 to Ringmer and Hailsham, 3 buses a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

166,  to Plumpton and Haywards Heath, no buses.  See 122

167 to Ditchling and Burgess Hill, 3 buses a day on Mondays.  One bus on Fridays.

Don’t forget your face mask

These services are really vulnerable.  It really is a case of use it or lose it.


Still operating a at 80% of normal capacity.  Most buses passing through Lewes seem to be empty.

Don’t forget your face mask even though it is reported that people are not wearing them and drivers are not enforcing the wearing of masks.


A slightly reduced service is running.  Very few users, so you can sometimes get a whole carriage to yourself.  Using the train feels a lot safer than walking down Lewes High Street.

Don’t forget your face mask.


My latest historical story, this time focussing on Kingston


Another historical story which illustrates how we hide the members of society we do not want to see away and do cruel things to them.


The law says 1.5m is the minimum cycle safe passing distance for vehicles travelling at up to 30mph. Over 30mph it should be one car width. Report anti-social driving at www.operationcrackdown.org/


A planning application to increase the size of Iford Farm to make it a base for managing several local farms, including those at Rise Farm, Houndean and Swanborough was turned down by the South Downs National Park planning committee.

There were two main objections:

  1. The size of the development
  2. The possibility of increasing traffic on the already over used C7

The proposals were thrown out on the first ground. Campaigners also argued that the information in the application underestimated the likely growth in traffic.

These issues will come up again if a modified application is resubmitted.

The farm management disputed that there would be any increase in vehicular use of the C7, but offered to commence work on the bridleway from Lewes to Iford via Rise farm and to allow cycling along the Ouse Valley Way through their land between Lewes and Rodmell.  This would only add to the existing conflict between pedestrians and cyclists.  It is no substitute for the building of a proper Egrets Way route separate from the footpath, as has been done from Southease to Piddinghoe.


ESCC has received some money from the government to promote sustainable transport in the current crisis, but there is not much in the package for Lewes.  There will be

  1. Temporary widened pavements in the School Hill and Lewes High Street
  2. Temporary cycle parking
  3. Signs promoting social distancing.

These are not likely to happen till September if at all.  Travelman is not going back to the High Street until the pavements are widened.

The council has an opportunity to bid for more money.  Two local organisations have come up with a list of proposals for change.

Proposals by Lewes Living Streets and Cycle Lewes

1.The reduction of the amount of ‘through traffic’ coming in/out of Lewes (which should use the A27 by-pass) through signage, narrower carriageways, advance stop lines for cyclists and change of phasing of traffic lights (including priority for pedestrians).

2.To facilitate safe pedestrian passing in the road and segregated cycling remove on-street parking along the entire length of Lewes High Street through School Hill to Westgate so that this part of the High Street is limited to bus access, essential delivery and collections only, with any restricted to a single centre lane with passing spaces allocated at appropriate convenient locations.

3. Albion Street will need to be closed at its southern end except for cyclist and pedestrians.

4. Friars Walk and Lansdowne Place on street car parking to be similarly relocated to off-street car parks.

5. Eastgate Street to be narrowed to one lane to ensure wider pavements on both sides.

6.The restriction of loading and unloading to certain hours in the key town centre streets to avoid conflict with shoppers.

7. Reallocate vacated road space to pedestrians and contra-flow for cyclists, dependent on configurations.

8. Mountfield Road on-street parking to be removed to adjacent off-street car park and footway to be provided on the south side of the carriageway to ensure social distancing.

9. Offham Road from Junction of King Henry’s Road to Commercial Square to have on road cycle lanes in each direction so that cyclist have priority use of this space.

10. Nevill Road from Prison crossroads to the Old Racecourse motor roads to have on road cycle lanes in each direction so that cyclists have priority use of this space.

11. Phoenix Causeway to have on road cycle lanes in each direction so that cyclists have priority use of this space.

12. Traffic using Station Street and Fisher Street shall have movement into the High Street prevented with road cycle lane in south north direction so that cyclists have priority use of this space.

13. Make available all public car parks in the town so that all displaced permit holders can readily transfer from on-street spaces.

14. Restrict loading and unloading within town centre to certain hours possibly focussed between 9.00 and 10.00am when pedestrian flows are lightest.
15. Ban all traffic from Cliffe High Street except during limited loading periods with rigorous enforcement.

16. Provide two-way access for cyclists on East Street (either along its full length or to Albion Street and then make School Hill from Albion Street down to Eastgate Street two-way).

17. Ban motor traffic around school pick up and drop off times during term time. This should include Potters Lane, the section of Southover High Street from Eastport Lane to Southover Road; and Gundreda Road from its junction with Fitzjohn Road to Wallands School. Mountfield Road should also have restricted access with no access to the household waste site during the start and finish of the school day.

18. Rigorously enforce the 20mph and other speed limits in town, including use of all CCTV.

19. Parking wardens to be reallocated roles to include enforcing traffic controls and social distancing.