You can buy a plusbus ticket to add on bus journeys before or after your rail journey.

For example, if you are travelling to Brighton, Newhaven or Seaford you can get a Brighton plusbus ticket for £3.90. This is a national scheme and you can find details here for all places that have a plus bus scheme.

The Lewes plusbus ticket covers a wide area, including Lewes, Kingston, Rodmell, Selmeston, Ringmer, Barcombe and South Chailey.  It costs an extra £2.50 on top of the cost of your rail journey, which is a lot cheaper than the bus fare.

You can get a plusbus ticket at staffed ticket offices.  You MAY be able to buy it from machines.  You can get it on the internet, but you must go directly to the railway company web site, not go through national rail enquiries

It can be difficult to find out how to book the plusbus add on.  On the Southern web site you need to input your journey and the date and time.  You then click on “find times and tickets.”  This takes you to a page where you are shown various times and tickets.  On the RIGHT side of the page, above the TOTAL you will see +Buy plusbus.  Click on this and you get the options to add a plusbus ticket covering the station that you are leaving from and the station you are arriving at. (providing these are available.

Other train companies have something that may be slightly different, but you will usually find the option to add the plusbus ticket at the point at which you get to the booking summary.

There are discounts on the plusbus part of your ticket if you have a railcard.  The Lewes plusbus ticket costs £1.65 with a railcard.

You can usually buy a plus-bus add on at your destination, if the ticket office is open.  Suppose you go to Bristol and decide to get the bus rather than walk to your destination.  Go to the ticket office and get a plus bus add on.