A short walk taking in some North Chailey commons, farmland and woodland with views over the Weald, .

Song to get you in the mood or sing on the walk


Ian Dury Reasons to be Cheerful (Ian went to Chailey Heritage School for a while)

Distance, Terrain and Time

4.5 miles, 7.5 km   gently rolling Countryside.


Nothing major.

Start and finish points

North Chailey, by the junction between the Lewes-Sheffield Park and the Uckfield-Haywards Heath roads.

Getting there

But 121 runs from Lewes Monday to Saturday . For bus and train times see here

Date researched

23/11/13, updated 27/2/19

Ordnance Survey maps

Explorer series number 135


There is a cafe at the start (at the time of writing), but it is often closed.

Route instructions

1)To the right of the tea rooms is a path down to a small tarmac lane.  The walk starts here.  Walk up the lane.  Where it turns right to join the main road continue ahead on a path which runs parallel to the main road.  This path later joins the main road.  Look left here and see a track going off to the left.  On the opposite side of the track is a gate leading on to a path on Red House Common.

Follow this path on the common.  The path bears left and is joined by another path coming in the from the right.  You then come to a house in the middle of the common.  Immediately after the house there is a four way junction of paths.  Keep straight ahead.  The path then joins a track.  Bear left here.

Come to the edge of the Chailey Heritage buildings.  Turn right alongside the edge of the Heritage site.  The path bears left and you then come to another junction at the corner of the site.  Keep straight ahead.  Come to a junction where you bear right and downhill.

You come to the corner of the common and the Philip and Foye Ridley Memorial Pond, named after a couple who were heavily involved in the Chailey Common Society.  Turn right in front of the pond and follow a path east along the edge of the common.

2)About 30 metres further on there is a gate to your left opening into a field.  This can be hard to see through the trees.  The map shows a path junction here, but this is not obvious. Go through the gate and cross a field, aiming slightly to the right of the farm buildings of Great Noven Farm

Come to a farm track and a signpost.  Turn left and follow the direction of the sign through farm buildings, to the right of a hedge.  After the farm buildings turn right, following another sign.  Walk straight ahead by field hedges through a number of fields.  At first the hedge line is on your left, then on your right.

About 600 metres after Great Noven Farm turn right on a signed path to Lindfield Farm.  The route becomes a track.  Walk east along the track.  Just by a second set of buildings it bears right to join Blackbrock Lane.

3) Turn right up the lane and then left at the first turning, the drive to Warr’s Farm. On reaching the farm your route swings left and then right through a narrow entrance next to a gate onto a track.  The track bears slightly left and then descends to a stream.  Just before the stream your route turns right off of the track into a field (clearly signed).

Walk along the left side of the field.  Shortly after the field boundary bears right you turn left into a wood.  The route is initially clear.  You come to a clearing where trees have been felled to allow for the pylons overhead.  Diagonally opposite the path continues into the trees.  In this second set of the trees the path is less clear.  Aim broadly in the same direction, but look out for a gate at the edge of the wood, which will probably be slightly to your right.  Just right of the gate is a stile which you cross.

There are two signposts here, pointing out a four way path junction.  Keep straight ahead across the field and then along the edge of a wood.  Keep in the same direction to reach the A275. You may be able to hear the steam engines of the Bluebell Railway to the north.  The official right of way (indicated by a stile) can be very muddy.  If you keep a little to the south you will probably do better.

4) Carefully cross the A275 and enter Lane End Common.  Initially the path is clear, but then it widens out.  Bear slightly to the left here and then to the right.  The route is not particularly clear here. Follow a path towards the car park, but then pass the car park to your right.  After the car park bear right to reach a gate at the south-east corner of the common.  Don’t worry if you get lost here.  Aim to walk towards the south east of the common.  If you stray too far north you will come to the fence at the edge of the common.  If you go too far south you will come to the road.  You can follow either of these to the south east corner.

Exit the gate and turn left on the road.  Cross an old railway bridge that once went over the Sheffield Park to Lewes railway line, long since closed.  Immediately after the bridge turn right, heading south on a bridleway.  Follow this bridleway through woods.  After about 500 metres the way leaves the woods and heads towards buildings.

5)Just before the bridleway joins a lane you will see a farm track to Cox’s Farm on your right (no signage).  Turn right here past the farm and then continue straight ahead on a track.  After about 500 metres from point (5) you cross the old railway again, although the route is not obvious.  You then come to a footpath sign at a junction with a lane.  Turn right here and then, almost immediately, left to walk in a field by the side of a large garden hedge.  At the end of the hedge you join a track and continue heading west.

Come to a junction.  Head right uphill on a track through a chicken farm.  Enjoy looking at the chickens but note that the top wire of the fence on both sides is electrified.  Come to the farm buildings of Grassington Farm.  At a junction turn right and then left on a metalled track to come to the A272 again

6)Turn left and walk down the pavement until you reach the point just after the start of the walk where you walked onto the common.  Cross the road here and turn left down the path you walked on earlier to return to the start point.

The Chailey Commons Society promotes the care and use of the Chailey Commons.  The society publishes a number of short walks which you can use to extend this walk