There more fascinating walks in the Thames estuary, often in unexpected places.  Here are some of them:

The Essex Thames

Dracula, outdoor art, concrete barges, an ace nature reserve, industrial sculpture, history and heritage,  all accompanied by the  mighty Thames as it makes its way to the sea. The walk can be divided into two halves of roughly 5 miles each at Purfleet station.

Escape from Bluewater Shopping Centre

A walk of wonders symbolising the diversity of modern life.  Sometimes you will wonder why never came here before.  Sometimes you  will wonder why you are doing the walk at all. Mega-malls and secluded woodlands, motorways and ancient sites,  Places of delicious intimacy and places that are nowhere.

The Fabulous Chafford Gorges, Grays

If you were looking for a tranquil walk with chalk cliffs, lakes, woods,  natural treasures and pre-historic remains, you might not look at the area between Grays in SW Essex and the Lakeside shopping inferno.  But here is where it all is.  One of the great undiscovered joys of the London conurbation.