Many of us are less able than we were, or would like to be.  This section contains walks that are for you if you use a wheelchair, or find steep slopes, steps or stiles difficult.

These rambles may be particularly suitable for those pushing prams.

Please look carefully at each ramble to see if it is suitable for you. I have tried to set out in details what the hazards and facilities are.

Newhaven and Seaford – nature and sea

A gentle ramble by a nature reserve and along the sea front at Seaford.  Suitable for wheelchair users and those with prams.  You can pretend you are in the Netherlands, with cycles passing by and a flat landscape.  3.7 miles.  Can be shortened by stopping at Bishopstone station after about 2 miles, but this station has a lot of steps.

A Plumpton Perambulation

An all weather walk, largely on tarmac, with one short muddy stretch.  Suitable for heavy duty tramper wheelchairs. No stiles.  Grand views of the downs- about 3 miles

The Stanmer Skyline Walk

A grand circuit of the skyline above Stanmer village, with woodlands and varied far reaching views, on a route originally designed for wheelchair users and so mostly firm underfoot in all seasons and with no stiles.  A few gates.  5.5 miles

On the trail of the Daddy Longlegs

 3.8miles 6.1km. This ramble follows the course of the famous railway that ran from Brighton to Rottindean in the sea. The daddy longlegs ran on twin tracks, 18ft apart. Mostly level and wheelchair accessible with a couple of steep slopes.