This walk is designed to be a short introduction to some of the most attractive countryside in the Low Weald.  It is also designed so that you can take the bus from Lewes, do the walk, and get the next bus back, with perhaps a short break in the Horns Lodge. At the beginning of 2019 the pub was closed but had been bought by someone who said that they intended to run it as a pub. However at the end of 2020 it was still closed.

4.6miles/ 7.4km  gently undulating countryside

Getting there

The 121 bus runs from Lewes and Newick 2 hourly on Mondays to Saturdays Details here

Route instructions

1)  Get off the bus at the Horns Lodge pub in Chailey. Beware- Chailey is a long thin village in four parts. The bus goes through the first part and then back into the country again. The Horns Lodge is on a long straight and can be seen on the right. Best to let the driver tell you when to get off.

If coming from Lewes walk north in the direction you have been travelling, on the same side of the road. After about 150 metres there a footpath on the left. (If you come to a drive you have gone to far).  Take this path, which crosses a bridge and then joins a drive,  running to the left of it.

The path comes closer to the track and then joins it at a point where tracks go off to the left and right.  Keep ahead on the drive, which shortly meets another track coming in from the left. Follow the main drive to the right here and follow the drive to its end. You pass a number of turnings to left and  the right, but on inspection these all turn out to be the drives of private houses.  The last house is very grand and has an outbuilding with a clock as well as an ancient looking barn.  You pass all this to your right.

After this house you pass a right of way sign on your left and then come to the end of the drive which peters out at the corner of a field. In 2016  there was pile of logs here. Look for an earth track to the left. (Do not turn hard left into a small field containing a walled garden).  Follow the track for about 150 metres.

The track then bears right and then left and then, shortly afterwards,  sharp right  right and there is a stile to your right. Go through an unsigned (in 2016) gate on your left and turn left along the bank of a ditch.  (After the gate In 2016 there was an unofficial signpost pointing you over the ditch. Do not follow this if it is still there.  This is not the right of way and the bridge and stile it points you to are dangerous)

Follow the ditch, keeping it on your right, for about 100 metres. You then come to a point where the ditch enters an underground pipe and you can turn right over a stile next to a gate.  In 2016 the signpost here had fallen down.  Having crossed the stile keep straight ahead with a hedgerow on your right.

Your way is now more or less straight on to Lumberpits. Stiles ahead and the marks of others who have gone before you may show the way. There are no rights of way to the right or to the left.  Go over a stile into Popjoy Wood and follow the path through the wood and out of the other side.  Cross the field in front of you, aiming for a tall step-stile.  Continue straight ahead with a wood on your right. Go over a stile at the corner of the field into the wood, but quickly emerge, via another stile.  Continue ahead, with a hedgerow on your left which you follow.  Come to a final stile on this section and cross it.

Emerge at the road at Lumberpits.

2) Walk down the road to the left. After about 50 metres an old sign points you in the direction of a bridleway on your left. Initially this goes at right angles to the road, but it quickly turns right.

The way is now unmissable. The bridleway is clear and obvious. Take some time to savour the tranquillity of Great Holm Wood.

Just before the end of the bridleway you will probably hear the sound of traffic. Cross a bridge.  Immediately after this bridge is a footpath to your left which runs behind gardens. Take this ( It is easy to miss) If you reach the road walk back about 20 metres)

The path emerges from the gardens and opens out into fields. Initially  keep the hedgerow immediately on your left and head for a  gap in the trees ahead. Once through this head for a stile, ahead and slightly to the right.  Over the stile you will find a concrete track and a further stile. Cross these. Keep straight ahead.  Cross a ditch on a small plank bridge next to an Oak tree. Keep straight ahead.  You come to a larger bridge next to a tree. Cross this and follow the path alongside a barbed wire fence on the edge of a wood.

Enter a wood via a stile. The way is fairly obvious. Once out of the wood continue straight ahead with the hedgerow on your left. In the second field continue along the side of the hedgerow. At  this point the route on the ground deviates from the legal right of way. Bear left and then right. Go through a field, over a stile, through the farmyard and then, at a junction of tracks, turn left.

Come to a  second junction of tracks where a track turns sharply to the left.

3)  Go up this track to the left for some way. The first junction you come to is where another track comes into from the right. This is your outward route. Turn right and retrace your steps to the Horns Lodge.